20 Travel Tips You Should Know About

20 Travel Tips You Should Know About

Here is a list of travel tips I’ve compiled that you should definitely check before going abroad. Traveling is becoming quite the trend in this fast-paced world of ours. There are so many rewards for heading off to one of the top tourist destinations, but these rewards could be thwarted if you don’t take precautions for your own safety. I’ve been through some unexpected scenarios while traveling, some of them requiring out of the box approaches.

Research About Your Travel Destination

Knowing any safety concerns as well as of etiquette of clothing and local customs can be a huge benefit. Regular gesture for most of us, such as “thumbs up” could be offensive in a different part of the world. Female travelers would want to know beforehand if harassment might be an issue. Also, check information regarding the safety of public transportation. Speak with locals about certain areas or neighborhoods to avoid, specifically after the sun goes down. Have all the local phone numbers for any emergencies on you too.

Let Others Know Your Daily Itinerary

It’s important to keep close family members or friends apprised of your daily schedule. Maybe even your hotel concierge or innkeeper. If you don’t arrive back when designated to, they can be on alert to make sure you are okay. When exploring, in a wilderness, parkland or even an unknown city to you, especially by yourself, be sure to let someone know your plan of return. Then stick to that plan or if anything changes, let them know.

Stay Connected

Before you head out, be sure and check if your cell phone has roaming at the place you are traveling to. If it doesn’t, you may want to rent a mobile phone once you get there, or purchase an international SIM card if your phone has an unlocked GPS. Make sure that you won’t be without a way to keep connected with friends and family in case something arises.

Health is a top priority

This is probably one of the most important yet neglected travel tips.

Before you go on your adventure, have your health checked up. Some countries require certain vaccines before you are legible to go there. Also, it is always good to know that your health and body are robust and can endure travel.

 Other things you could do is to find out whether the water is safe to drink, or if there are amphibians or insects that are poisonous. You have to be alerted so you can avoid them or embark on the needed measures. Have an extra supply of any medications you take, along with the regulars for headache and allergies. Bring a hand-sanitizer and use it when needed.

Make a travel Insurance

Usually, taking out insurance is with the highest priority on my travel tips list. First, it can cover medical expenses and trip cancellations. As well as, delays, lost and stolen luggage when you are traveling. A medical emergency can cost all of your savings – or even worse. Keep in mind that you have to be prepared for anything. Better to be safe than sorry.

Make a list

plan your trip ahead

It is always a good idea to compose a list of things you shouldn’t forget to bring along with you. If your brain is scattered everywhere because of the travel it is the best way to make sure that you would get everything of importance with you.

Book early

book plane tickets early

When planning, try to book your plane tickets as early as possible, this way you can get them much cheaper. There’s also a possibility for the so-called “hot seats”, which are always at a much lower price than your normal ticket.

Another set of travel tips are on how to proceed with your luggage.

How should I pack my luggage?

Tips on luggage

If you’re wondering what to pack, it is good to first look at the weather in the country you are going to. Is it warm or cold? What’s the season – spring or autumn? It is also important to consider if you are going on a hiking and trekking vacation or just tourist sightseeing. Then you can decide what to pack as clothes and equipment.

Pack the night before

A good tactic is to pack your baggage the night before. That way you would have more time for yourself on the day of the flight and the chance of forgetting something important while in a rush is small.

Bring only the essentials

In this case, less is more. You wouldn’t want to carry heavy bags and suitcases, especially if there is a lot of walking in your travel plan.
Most companies even have a baggage weight limit.
So, bring only the most important things with you, such as some clothes which are appropriate for the weather, comfortable shoes, medications and documents. The lighter your travel bag and luggage are, the easier.

Where is my luggage?

To not ask yourself such question make it as recognizable as possible. A good idea is to put stickers or badges from your previous travels. Not only a souvenir from a precious memory but a helpful way of spotting your luggage from afar.

Store Passport, Credit Cards, and Cash in Different Spots

Keep your credit cards and cash in your purse or wallet, and other cash and credit cards in a pocket or pouch. During your tour or sightseeing, have only a copy of your passport’s data page but keep your original passport securely locked in the safe at your hotel. It’s also a good idea to keep a copy of this data page as a scan in your e-mail or some cloud space if yours gets lost or stolen. When you are traveling, you would want to have your passport carried separately from your credit cards and cash.

Charge your devices

Charge your devices whenever a possibility occurs, in fact, to be completely sure that you won’t run out of battery bring a power bank with yourself.
I can’t even count how many times I’ve gone out on a walk in a completely unknown for me destination with my phone dying on me. In some countries, people wouldn’t let strangers use their devices and that’s why It’s quite important to always keep a charger or a power bank nearby.

Select the place you stay in carefully

There are lots of websites promoting destinations and hotels for them. It is, however, important to pick out the best one for you. Based on price, location, and services. It is advisable to consider the cancellation options for the place. Are there any cancellation taxes or is it free?

Write the address and room number down

Keep the address of the hotel and room number written down somewhere safe on your phone. It is a new place and with all these emotions accompanying the trip such detail could slip out of your mind.

Having a routine

Always have one, especially when checking out of a place. Look in all of the cabinets in the room, check the bathroom and under the bed. Make a mental list of everything of great significance and value. If no items are forgotten and are with you, then you are good to go.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi

When using free Wi-Fi in public places or even in hotels, be sure to not log into important accounts, like your bank account. Personal information could easily leak into the hands of ill-intentioned people. If possible, take care of these things while at home, then again, If it’s not an option – my top-notch travel tip here is to find out whether the local carriers sell affordable temporary SIM cards with enough data to last for your stay.

Avoid unknown exchange bureaus

avoid unknown exchange bureaus

Of course, when traveling to another country it is important to have the right currency so you can buy goods, services and rent there. Changing currencies at the airports or change bureaus close to them is not a good idea. There, most of the time, you would get the worst exchange rates.
It isn’t uncommon for such exchange facilities to scam foreigners.
Here’s a very interesting video of such illicit minded exchange in Prague, Czech Republic.

You can, instead, go to a bank you trust and exchange the sum of money you need.

Track your expenses

Make sure that you have more money than necessary. You have to know the exact sum of cash you are going to travel with. Keep your receipts or mentally keep an account of your expenditure. By doing that you would be sure that you wouldn’t spend too much or even end up without any money in a remote location.

Plans can change

If someone gave me these travel tips before I commenced traveling it wouldn’t have been necessary for me to learn them the hard way.

It is crucial to lay out a plan for your traveling. Have all the places you want to visit written down, specific information connected to them also hotel information and flights. Of course, everything can get messed up, for instance, your booking could be wrong, or your flight delayed or even your luggage could get lost at the airport. So you have to make sure that you remain flexible, despite the occurring inconveniences.

Be calm and keep going

It is important to be patient with the situations you may end up in. Do not give in to the panic. Remember to go with the flow. Be calm and keep going, eventually, everything would get sorted out.

Find the thrill

Find the thrill in your journey

Why not jumping off a cliff or wandering through the unknown streets of a foreign city? Ask the locals for good restaurants in which you can have a taste of the traditional cuisine. Have a small chat with them, just to get to know the country you are in by first hand. You may never know how many things there are that spark curiosity.

Don’t judge the book by its cover

Rather than that, keep your adventurous spirit up! If the customs of a country seem rather strange don’t become instantly appalled by them. Just keep an open mind and try to extract the most of your visit. After all, you are just a visitor that gets in touch with other cultures and ways of living.

Try to limit yourself from using your mobile phone

Instead, look around you, try to understand the foreign culture and their ways of living.

The last and most important travel tip is…

To Be grateful

enjoy your trip

To feel that your trip is fully complete, don’t forget to be grateful. If you have the opportunity to explore the world, then you are one of the luckiest human beings on planet Earth.

Bonus travel tips

Here are some other bonus travel tips

Check out “40 Safety Tips When Traveling” for a fuller list of tips on how to stay safe during your travel adventure.

  1. Take photos of yourself, later you won’t regret it.
  2. Carrying a basic first-aid kit can always come in handy.
  3. Be open towards strangers but never let your guard down.
  4. Try to wake up early, the early bird catches the worm, as the saying goes. Definitely, this travel tip would certainly allow you to see your choice of destination in a different light.
  5. Look up some basic phrases like “Hello” and “Thank you” in the country’s language you are in.
  6. Keep your technology safe. Invest in sturdy and waterproof cases and bags.
  7. Last travel tip but not least, the sunscreen is your best friend.